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November 16th, 2015

Top 7 SEO Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing!

Content marketing is becoming more important than ever before. Recent
statistics show that B2B companies that uses content generate 67% more
leads than those that do not.
While content marketing holds scads of benefits, it also involves some
level of work; and finding the right tools to power your content
marketing campaigns can make it even more daunting and time-consuming.
So, to help streamline the process, here are 7 helpful SEO tools you
can use to improve your content marketing and position your business
for growth:

1. Squirrly
Squirrly is a WordPress SEO plugin which lets you do keyword research
right in your post editor.
If you like to write content that’s both SEO and human-friendly, then
this tool is for you. It not only let you optimize content, but also
lets you measure the success of the content optimized.
Squirrly has a number of tools on its dashboard, but one notable tool
which can help boost your content marketing is the Keyword Research
This tool helps you find the most relevant keywords for your articles.
It also finds keywords used by your competition based on the specific
keyword you entered.
With those keywords, you can craft winning content that’ll get ranked.
Squirrly also shows what phrases are trending, useful for writing
sharable content.

2. Google Keyword Planner
Though the Google Keyword Planner tool is mainly associated with PPC
and SEO , you can also use it to enhance your content marketing
Specifically, there are three key features that are germane to content
When you enter a word in the search bar, the tool will generate new
keywords from the search. From the new keywords, you can find content
ideas that are related to the keyword you entered.
Get search volume for a list of keywordsThis feature allows you to
examine the popularity of the keyword. Precisely, you can see stats
like average monthly searches and the level of competition a keyword
has—high, medium, or low (though the level of competition is for PPC
only).You can follow the stats to pick keywords that have high search
volume and low competition (which are the best keywords to use for
effective content marketing).
Multiply keyword list to get new keyword ideasThis feature enables you
to create new keyword combinations.It does this by allowing you to
enter the keywords into different columns. By this, you’d be able to
discover new keyword combinations that you can use as content ideas.
This will help you pick long tail keywords which works best when it
comes to content marketing.

3. Google Trends
Google Trends shows the popularity of a given search term over time; it
shows how often people search for a keyword and where they are
searching from.
This tool helps you stay ahead in your keyword research; it helps you
see which keywords are best for your content strategy and which region
to target.
Google Trends has many search-related features which can be useful for
content marketers.

These include:

  • Trending searches
  • Trending on YouTube
  • Top Charts
  • Google Correlate
  • Explore

These features will help you see where you’re going.
For instance, after doing your keyword research on Keyword Planner, you
can run the keyword through Google Trends to see if it’s waning or
rising in popularity.
Google Trends shows a list of related search term after entering a
keyword; this makes it a breeze to find new content ideas that people
are interested in.
Using Google Trends, you can also create a yearly editorial calendar
for your content marketing campaign. That’s because Google Trends shows
you those events and topics that gain traction at certain times of the
While it’s not completely advisable to base your content on trends,
Google Trends is a great way to discover what people are talking about
in your niche market.

4. Ahrefs Content Explorer
One way of creating great content is to find the most shared content in
your niche, follow its structure and try reproducing the same for
Content Explorer by Ahrefs helps you do just this.
With this tool, you can discover top-performing content in terms of
social sharing, get to see the keywords used in the content, and model
the same by crafting your own content around that topic.
This will help you come up with content that will outperform the
competition or at least produce similar results.
Content Explorer is pretty easy to use: Just enter your keywords into
the search bar and the tool will list out the most shared content based
on the keyword you entered.

5. Google Analytics
It’s not just enough to create content. The content you create should
bring you a measurable ROI.
Google Analytics helps you measure the ROI of your content.
But beyond that, you can use Google Analytics for nearly every aspect
of content marketing—brainstorming/idea generation, targeting,
optimization, testing etc.
For one, you can use GA to see what content your visitors like and then
follow through to create more of that kind of content.
You can do this by going to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

6. is a free tool for finding the words that people search
for on Google.
This tool uses Google’s Autocomplete to provide users with great
keyword ideas by generating over 750 long-tail keyword suggestions. It
also works with 83 languages and 194 Google-owned domains.
Even more, allows users to export the keyword data to a
spreadsheet where they can then examine and further categorize the same.

7. QuickSprout
While QuickSprout mainly shows results for SEO and site speed, you can
also use it for content marketing purposes.
After entering your competitor’s URL, click on the Social Media
Analysis feature. There, you’ll see which content on the site received
the most social shares.
The information shown there will let you in on what types of content
readers love the most. With that, you can go ahead and create something

With the right tools in your hands, you can improve your content
marketing, make your website and blog more effective and drive as much
traffic as you want.
Get your hands on the tools mentioned above, put them to use and better
your content.

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